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Rick Pitino Previews Seton Hall

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--I think Kevin Ware is getting better. He didn't have an assist against South Florida, which bothers you because he was playing the point.

--The rule changes about declaring early for the NBA aren't fair to the kids. They benefit the universities instead of the students, which isn't right.

--We don't talk about guys declaring early for the NBA Draft now (with the players). We'll talk about that after the season.

--In my mind, Gorgui Dieng his gone. He's not in his mind, but I think he's ready. He has a lot of growth potential, but the pros look at the fact that he's 23-years-old. Gorgui has to make his own decisions, but I'll advise him when the time is right.

--We don't talk about the NBA with the players at all. We'll address it after the championship game.

--The one rule I have is I never talk my players in or out of anything. I tell them the information I have from the NBA office and the general managers, and then I let them make a decision.

--Gorgui is a very good passer. He has to figure out a way to get more jump shots off, because he's a very good jump shooter, much better than most people would believe.

--I've given all the guys two areas they need to improve on. With Russ it was passing the ball more and doing a better job of getting other guys involved. I told him, 'look, if you're ever going to be a serious guy down the road in basketball, you've got to be a better assist-to-turnover guy'

--A point guard has to let the game come to him, and Peyton is doing a good job of that. Before if he wasn't scoring he felt like he had to shoot.

--Peyton has had a very sound senior year, but he rises when the games rise. He's that type of player.

--Couldn't say who the player of the year is because he hasn't seen Doug McDermott from Creighton. Victor Oladipo would definitely be in his top five. He still believes Indiana is the best team in the country.

--Luke Hancock might not play tomorrow because he hurt his shoulder the other day in practice. He did not practice on Thursday. The good news is Wayne Blackshear has been playing really well.

--We've had great practices recently. We scale back certain things at this time of the year to make sure we're well rested.

--Kevin Willard is dealing with what we dealt with last year with injuries. They've been decimated by injuries. Kevin is the best young X's and O's coach I've ever been around. He's just been dealing with bad luck this year. They're not going to get healthy this season, so they just have to stay positive and keep working towards next year. He'll be fine.

--I didn't do a great job of substituting against St. John's. We were much more fresh against South Florida. We just have to continue to develop confidence with our bench.

--This team, like the past two, has a great attitude. We never argue in practice, we never have fights in practice, we just have a good time.

--The rotation we had against South Florida is the rotation we'd like to have. We don't want Russ to be bogged down mentally by playing two different positions, we ned Russ to be able to be Russ.

--The horse Russdiculous wasn't worthy of that name. We were very happy to part ways with him. We want to move him on to some Massachusetts Fair races. I've never been so happy to lose an expensive horse. Russ was Ok with him moving on, he said the horse wasn't worthy of the type of defense and offense that he plays.

--Gorgui is a big horse that Nick Zito is having a lot of trouble getting into shape.

--Goldencents is the real deal.

--Visited with Steve Nash recently and they were just making small talk about Earl Clark and and how it was going with te Lakers. I've known Steve for a long time and we've used him as an example for how to shoot free-throws for years. We're trying to find a rhythm for Montrezl and Chane to get into. We have to get those two guys to start improving form the free-throw line.

--Unless Trez starts getting better at shooting free-throws then we're going to have to start playing Wayne Blackshear at the four. That's something we're preparing to do for the tournament if we have to.

--He doesn't believe in fouling when up three at the end of the game with this team because they don't box out well. Every team is different and so every philosophy is different.

--Peyton made a bad move at the end of the Syracuse game, but I still want the ball in his hands at the end of a game.

--Watching Chris Jones play the other night was the most fun he's had on a recruiting trip in a long time. He might be the most competitive young man I've seen in 30 years. I might name a horse after him, but I have to wait until he gets here. I think there's a rule against naming horses after players while they're still in junior college.