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Tom Jurich Speaks On The Clint Hurtt Situation

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Andy Lyons

Louisville football assistant Clint Hurtt received a notice of allegations from the NCAA on Wednesday in which he was charged with "unethical conduct."

U of L athletic director Tom Jurich spoke briefly with the media on the situation following his press conference to announce the naming rights for the new soccer stadium.

"Clint is taking this very seriously," Jurich said. "He's going to dispute a lot of the items in (the NoA)...Clint's side of the story is much different than the allegations."

All I can do is go on what Clint says. (The allegations) are extensive. He feels that they're not true, and he wants to put up a defense and he wants to dispute them and he wants to get his side out there."

Jurich also made it a special point to note that none of the alleged wrongdoings by Hurtt took place during his time at U of L, and that Louisville is in no way involved in the NCAA's investigation.

"Since Clint's been here, he has never done an iota wrong," Jurich said. "We meet and we talk with everybody on our compliance staff. We have a compliance staff of about seven or eight full-time people that work diligently to make sure we've got safety nets in place for all types of things."

Finally, Jurich was asked whether or not he thought Hurtt would remain on the staff for next season.

"I can't answer that," Jurich said. "We'll just wait until the 90 days are up and see what the resolution is through the NCAA."

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