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Steve Lavin Will Not Coach St. John's Against Louisville

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When Louisville faces St. John's on Thursday night inside the KFC Yum Center, they will be facing a Red Storm team playing without its head coach for a second straight time.

Steve Lavin will be with his family in San Francisco on Thursday as they continue to mourn the passing of Lavin's father, Albert "Cap" Lavin. The elder Lavin passed away at the age of 82 on Sunday.

On Tuesday, Steve Lavin released a statement for the first time since his father's death.

"We are grateful for the heartfelt encouragement, prayers and support received since our father's passing," the statement said. "The thoughtful sentiments and caring messages we received via text, Twitter, email and voicemail from friends, current players, former players, colleagues and college basketball fans have helped to give our family an emotional lift during a challenging time in our lives. Moving forward, it will now be the inspiring memories of my father that will serve as a catalyst to pursue better ways to navigate the 'bittersweet miracle that is life.'"

Assistant coach Rico Hines will fill in for Lavin for the second straight time when the Red Storm tries to upset the Cards. Hines also coached St. John's in its 77-58 loss to Syracuse on Sunday.