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Rick Pitino and Gorgui Preview Marquette

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Rick Pitino

--Louisville's current ranking (12/13) is probably an accurate indicator of where the team stands right now with regards to the national landscape.

--Thinks there are three teams - Michigan, Florida and Kansas - who are better than everyone else right now. Indiana might belong in that group but he hasn't seen them enough. He'll know more after this weekend.

--There's no way to figure out the Big East right now. The league is so tough this year because the teams at the bottom are better than they've been in years past.

--Wayne Blackshear will play on Sunday, but he's not sure how much. Wayne will not start.

--The Miracle on Main was a tremendous comeback, but we hope we're not in that position on Sunday.

--Kevin Ware practiced for the first time on Thursday, and it's still yet to be seen if he'll play against Marquette.

--Chane Behanan has tremendous potential, but he's "a very distracted young man." It's indicative of this whole generation. The guys are all very distracted because of all the technology and what not. But Chane has gotten a lot better defensively, he just needs to rebound better on offense.

--Gorgui is having a tremendous season. Russ is earning all the national accolades, but Gorgui is probably having the best season.

--We've been working really hard this week on "creating impact" when boxing out for defensive rebounds. We got pushed in the back and Pitt got a lot of easy offensive rebounds because of that, but everybody pushes in the back. Our guys have to get better at creating the impact and pushing guys out of the way when the shot goes up.

--There are probably fewer basketball junkies in college now because they play so much growing up that they get a little bit burnt out on it.

--He's almost positive that he's not busting out the white suit on Sunday. He's not doing it because he's very worried about this game, also it's going to be like 0 degrees and he's self conscious.

--Shooting free-throws really poorly one game and then really well the next is another example of the distracted generation. We've been working very hard on our free-throw shooting.

Gorgui Dieng


--Coach says "every shot is like a pass for us." If we start thinking that way then we're going to have success.

--We've worked very hard on blocking out this week because we got killed on the glass against Pitt. We've also been working on our press.

--Coach is right about the generation being distracted. People can't go five minutes without checking their Instagram or Twitter. I understand it, but I don't have any of those things.

--Watched the UK game the other night and thinks Nerlens Noel is a terrific shot blocker. He deserves everything he has.

--(On who he thinks are the best teams in the country) I don't know. Like four or five teams have been ranked No. 1 and lost. We were No. 1 and lost three straight times. All I know is I trust my teammates and I hope that we're No. 1 at the end of the season.

--Marquette is a very physical team. They are very good. I think they're the best basketball team in the league.

--Doesn't believe that coach isn't wearing the white suit. He has to. He always wears it.

--(Asked, "speaking about what coach Pitino's going to wear, what are you guys going to wear?") "I think I'm gonna wear a Louisville jersey."

--When the team starts losing, you can see in people's faces that something's wrong, even if they're not saying it. I don't want to go back to that. I just want to win.

--We've learned from our mistakes and we're going to try our best...but that doesn't mean we're not going to lose again.