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Louisville-Kentucky Opens As A Pick 'Em In Vegas

Andy Lyons

The list of people willing to admit that they have no idea what's going to happen when Louisville and Kentucky duke it out inside Rupp Arena tomorrow now includes the folks in Las Vegas.

The first spread from Sin City is out, and the people who make a living doing this have tabbed the game as a pick 'em, which means at the moment there is no favorite. I can't remember another year when this was the case.

The common thought is that Vegas typically gives the home team three points, which means if this game were being played on a neutral court, Louisville would be a three-point favorite...or something, I don't really gamble.

I said all week that I thought Kentucky would open as a one or two point favorite, and I am slightly surprised that this isn't the case. All things considered though (we have no idea what we know about either team), I suppose this is an understandable rout.