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2013 Russell Atletic Bowl Opponent Breakdown: Miami Receivers/Tight Ends

No surprises here. Miami has ridiculously athletic guys out wide.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Miami has a long history of elite wide receivers. This year they finally have a handful of guys that at least have the potential to be mentioned with those elite guys that have passed through Coral Gables. Louisville has faced some very talented receivers this year, but seeing multiple NFL caliber players with a capable quarterback will be something that is pretty new for the defense.

Stacy Coley is going to be a problem long after the Russell Athletic Bowl. The true freshman has made big play after big play and he is scoring touchdowns at a ridiculous pace. Coley has scored a touchdown four different ways this year and he scores every 5.7 times he touches the football. I would imagine most UofL fans expected from star recruit James Quick. The major difference is that Miami doesn't have the depth at receiver that Louisville has. Coley is one of three main receivers for the team and he is by far the most electrifying.

Every team needs a go-to guy and Allen Hurns is that guy for this Miami offense. Hurns has had a great year with well over 1,000 yards and he has the speed and experience to create separation and he knows how to get behind a defense. Hurns put up nearly twenty yards per catch this year even though everyone knew he was Morris' favorite target. Hurns could cause matchup problems at 6-3, but Miami hasn't really used that to it's advantage from what I've seen. Hurns and Morris are a combination that Louisville hasn't faced this year. A big play, experienced, senior wide receiver that has a top flight quarterback to get him the ball.

Morris does a very good job throwing the ball down the seam and he has two really good targets that work the middle of the field. Herb Waters and tight end Clive Wilford are two guys that do a great job of working past linebackers to find open areas of the defense. They are also both big play threats that can get behind the defense. Louisville's linebackers will have to read playaction very well as these guys can make you pay very quickly.

Miami's issue at receiver could be it's lack of depth. Phillip Dorsett is the only other experienced guy that Louisville will probably see Saturday. Miami has talent all over it's roster, but we all know that inexperienced players can't always be relied on in big games. Dorsett has made plays in the past and is an asset to the offense, but there isn't much help beyond him. Injury o fatigue could be a major factor with such a reliance on these handful of guys.