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We Are Now Accepting Nominations For The 2013 Card Chronicle Person Of The Year

It's that time of the year again.

We are now officially taking your nominations for the 2013 version of the highest honor there is in the city of Louisville: the Card Chronicle Person of the Year.

Please remember that the person of the year does not have to be an actual person ("No Pants" was once a finalist). We have moved away from "man of the year," since it was stupid, but entity of the year is even more stupid, so we're going with person. Don't question it, just roll it. That was the original slogan of the holiday season.

This year's winner will join that elitest of elite Derby City fraternities, which includes:

2007 - Tom Jurich
2008 - David Padgett
2009 - Vacant (I still say it should be Billy Gillispie)
2010 - Charlie Strong
2011 - Charlie Strong and Preston Knowles (tie)
2012 - Tom Jurich

The nomination process will end tomorrow night, and the voting for this year's winner will begin after Christmas.

Let's hear 'em.