One Free RAB Ticket

Hey CARDS Fans! I am going to the Russell Athletic Bowl. In doing so, I will also be flying solo. This means one of you needs to meet up with me so the seat next to me will not be empty, but filled by a CARDS fan, preferably in a CCBM. I will of course be in my typical game attire below. The seats are pretty good. Maybe not outstanding, but hey, free, so there you go. Section 233 Row CC (as in Card Chronicle) seat 25, around the 20 yard line on the Louisville Side. My father bought the hold for tickets as a CAF member back in August or something, so I am a little surprised that they aren't better, but still, for the price, I am super good with it.


Anyway, it is just a single ticket. So if you or one of your buddies is wanting to go, but havent gotten a ticket yet, here is a perfect opportunity. If you are interested, shoot me an email. Only serious CARDS fans please. I want to make section 233 the loudest in the Citrus Bowl. Hope to see you down in Orlando. Go CARDS!!!