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Chane Behanan Returns To Practice

Andy Lyons

I think everyone knew it would be a matter of when, not if, but Chane Behanan is back.

The junior forward who was suspended indefinitely last month returned to practice for the first time on Friday, and will be on the bench for Saturday's season-opener against Charleston. Behanan will not, however, play in the game.

"We said he had to go 30 days straight with no mess-ups before he could practice and he's done that,'' Rick Pitino told "I didn't think he could do the right thing for 30 days in a row -- getting up, coming over here at 6:45 in the morning, meeting curfew at night, getting through tutoring all day. I was a doubting Thomas, to say the least, but he's done all the right things.''

Pitino added that Behanan is not back living with the rest of the team in Minardi Hall. That portion of his suspension will last until at least the end of the first semester.