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Louisville's Move To The ACC Suddenly 'Not A Done Deal'

Andy Lyons

Louisville's presumed move to the ACC in all sports for the 2014-15 season is "not a done deal" according to U of L President James Ramsey.

Speaking to Tony Cruise on 84WHAS radio Friday morning, Ramsey said that "a lot of things [have to] fall into place" before U of L can join the ACC as has been the plan for nearly a year now.

"Maryland's got to leave," Ramsey said. "And they're, you know, challenging their payout that was changed. But if they get out, we believe that we'll be ready to move right in."

Maryland is currently in the midst of a lawsuit filed by the ACC, which is seeking a $52 million exit fee from the university for leaving the conference and joining the Big Ten.

If you screw this up for us, Turtles...