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Louisville Looks To End Bizarro Rivalry With UConn On High Note

Andy Lyons

By Andrew Phelps

Since the year 2007, University of Louisville football had been relocated to a realm one could label bizarro world. The good people of this city fought the good fight alongside the athletic department, coaching staff and players, and Louisville punched a ticket back to reality and a promising future with next year's entrance into the ACC. However, a lingering villain, an unexpected adversary and a thorn in UofL's side, has been the University of Connecticut.

Memories of astoundingly atrocious refereeing, great performances combined with head scratchers of the decade, and a nip and tuck fight to the death to escape the crumbling Big East for greener pastures should provide the fans, coaches and players plenty of motivation to defeat the Huskies once and for all, leaving a lasting memory in the hearts of this soon to be forgotten rival.

The Cardinals are coming off a bye week, which should certainly aide the Birds in the health department as they prepare for their stretch run. November is the biggest month in football in terms of improving your seed, your stock and your chance at a BCS bid. Everyone in the United States knows how bad Connecticut is, everyone playing for Connecticut knows how bad they are, every pollster knows, and every computer knows Central Florida beat the Huskies 62-17. It's time for the Cards to emulate Alabama or Florida State and score 40 or more points before halftime.

Three of Louisville's final four games will be on an ESPN outlet, showcasing our beloved Birds to a national audience. ESPN has not been our friend this season due to the Cardinals failing to take advantage of their weeknight showcases. However, we have entered the holiday season and everyone is looking for reasons to celebrate and be merry. Louisville must finally take advantage of the opportunity presented if we have any hope of playing in a BCS bowl game or sending Theodore Awesome to New York City as a Heisman candidate. This team deserves a better ranking, a better bowl and Teddy certainly deserves to be front and center throughout award season. Louisville undoubtedly has input in their destiny, but right now the media and Central Florida are more dominant players. The Cardinals have a chance to control the media for the rest of 2013.

The 2013 football season might not end the way we dreamed about, but the best part about waking up from a nightmare, is falling back asleep with the chance to revel in new dreams. The goals for Charlie and his team are simple and straight forward: play championship level football, allow Teddy to chase the record books, leave no doubt against four average opponents, send bad voodoo towards Central Florida and finish the season 12-1. The Cardinal train is on a new track, headed towards a new station, but opportunities remain for this special team. Leave a lasting memory Louisville, none of us will ever forget 2013.

All Hail UofL !!