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U of L Working On A 'Year Of The Cardinal' ESPN Special


The (original) Year of the Cardinal may have come to a close, but the folks at U of L are working on something that will make sure it's commemorated properly.

According to WDRB's Eric Crawford, an hour-long "Year of the Cardinal" documentary-style special could be coming to ESPN in the near future.

"Something I just did," Pitino said. "They're actually buying airtime on ESPN for an hour, the Year of the Cardinal, with all the sports, just to talk about it, as a marketing tool for the university and the athletic programs, which I think is pretty cool, because you don't see too many years like this."

More details will become available later, but it appears that U of L is working on its own documentary-style commemoration of the past 12 months that it will show on a national stage.

"If it had just been men's and women's basketball, it would've been one thing," Pitino said. "But it happened with the baseball (and football) teams as well."

I would watch that. I would watch that a lot.