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Louisville Could Open Next Season Against Minnesota

Andy Lyons

According to WDRB's Rick Bozich, Louisville may open its 2014-15 basketball season with a Pitino vs. Pitino showdown overseas.

"I will let you guys in on the scoop of the year," Pitino said in an interview with me, Eric Crawford and Steve Andress of WDRB Sports.

"If everything goes according to Hoyle, we will open up on a military base with Minnesota on national television next season."


"We're working on that now, but it could be Puerto Rico if it all works," Pitino said. "We haven't signed contracts. It's a long way from done. But it could be on a military base opening the season next year."

"Armed Forces Classic" games at U.S. Army bases have been played on college basketball's opening night in each of the past two seasons. In 2012, Connecticut defeated Michigan State at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, and earlier this month Oregon defeated Georgetown at an Army base in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

The Army base games have been far more successful than their aircraft carrier game brethren, a trend which ended after weather canceled two such events a year ago.

This would be cool.