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The Return Of Bloggin' Rick Pitino

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

I think this is the day the national championship hangover officially ended, for this is the day Blogging Rick Pitino has returned.

In his first post since Louisville claimed its third national title, Bloggin' Rick talks a little bit about what went wrong against North Carolina on Sunday, and what the fans can expect from a 6-0 Southern Miss squad on Friday night.

Here's a sampling:

Now the sad and ugly truth:
13/15 on fast breaks for North Carolina
17/21 on layup attempts

Yes, Gorgui was a big deterrent to people driving. But more obvious is the fact that our guys are trying not to foul, thus the blow-by's in the half court. We must learn to rotate better as if everyone is on a string. Charges are now 80% blocks. We must contain, switch when necessary, block and challenge shots, and protect the rim.

Both of these stats are extremely alarming. Our back court and small forwards must be held accountable for all these mishaps. Something we will work on diligently the next three days.

We won't be having a press conference prior to Friday's game but this info is more than you will need to understand our break downs and what we need to do in preparing for a very talented Southern Miss team. 

It will improve!!

That second exclamation point is all the convincing I need.