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Video: Rick Pitino Scolds Media Following Hartford Win

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Not many college basketball coaches could find a reason to be unhappy after watching their team roll to a 39-point win, but that was precisely the case with Rick Pitino Tuesday night.

Irked by the coverage of Kevin Ware's recent missed court date for a speeding ticket, Pitino scolded the local media following his team's 87-48 win over Hartford.

"You guys need to do your homework," Pitino said. "Find out where all this stems from. Do your homework. You have to see where all this stuff originates. We're in a very competitive town. Don't say someone's guilty unless they're guilty.

"I'm not saying my players are angels. (Ware) shouldn't have gotten a speeding ticket, shouldn't have taken a friend and done that to his automobile. That being said, he's been very truthful with everything he's told us...You need to do your job, we'll do our job, and our compliance did their job. For me, I don't like distractions, and I've been distracted all day with this nonsense."

You can listen to Pitino's full postgame comments (via Howie Lindsey) below: