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Final Four To Air On Three Channels Simultaneously

Streeter Lecka

If Jim Nantz puns in early April aren't your thing. you are an idiot your day has finally come.

Turner Sports and CBS will air three different telecasts for each of the two Final Four games this season, each with its own set of announcers. The traditional national telecast will run on TBS, while TNT and truTV will carry the same games at the same time with announcers and camera angles customized to each specific team.

"This concept is born out of the popularity and incredible passion fans have for their college basketball teams and schools, and with this innovative approach we are tapping into their enthusiasm with three distinct telecasts," said Lenny Daniels, Turner's executive vice president and COO.

The idea has received a decent amount of backlash, but in this day and age where no sports fan wants to hear anything negative about the team they cheer for, it seems like a pretty savvy business move.

If Louisville does make the Final Four this year, I'm making a hard push for the announcing team of "Hondo30" and Jock Sutherland, with sideline reporting from "ULismyHotHotSex." Only if they use the Card Chronicle user names. If not, then I'll take Anastasia Saunders all by herself.