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U of L Reveals All Black Uniforms, Says They're Not Wearing Them Saturday

Uniform talk is one of the Internet's most consistent stars, so when the U of L football folks tweeted out the following image Monday afternoon, they had to know it was bound to cause a stir.

That's right, not just an all black uniform, but the first alternate Cardinal helmet I can ever remember.

So with the first Saturday night game in years on the horizon and both the fans and players potentially needing a little extra pick-me-up to generate enthusiasm, wearing these against Houston is a no-brainer, right? Right?


A source with the program tells me that the uniforms will not be worn on Saturday and were simply an adidas model that was sent U of L's way. The C-J's Jonathan Lintner has been told the same:

Still, the program has thrown the fans curveballs in situations like this before, so there's still some hope of seeing these bad boys when the Cards bust through the tunnel on Saturday.

Also, how sweet is that dryer?