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Friday Evening Cardinal News And Notes

Bird meets beast. Tale as old as time.

I_medium Bye week spread check: Earl Clark in a banana suit by 35.

I_medium A good read from Scott Phillips of NBC on Montrezl Harrell's transition into a leadership role.

Although I'm not sure Google News got the right picture attachment.


I_medium More folks doing Halloween the correct way.


I_medium A large chunk of kids are doing their trick-or-treating tonight, and 106.9 is now playing nothing but Christmas music already. Never change, Louisville.

On second thought, change a lot, Louisville. Celebrate your holidays in order.

I_medium Jeff Goodman examines what could cause all of the top contenders for the 2013-14 national title - Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State, Duke, Kansas and Arizona - to stumble (insider).

I_medium CBS talks about the best backcourts and frontcourts in America, and says Louisville ranks second in the former category.

2. Louisville

Guards: Russ SmithChris JonesTerry RozierAnton GillKevin Ware

Comment: If Memphis is No. 1, Louisville might as well be 1A. The Cardinals are relying heavily on newcomers - but those newcomers are big-time. Jones was the best junior college player in the country, while Rozier was a five-star prospect. Oh, and Smith is back as an All-American.

And seventh in the latter.

7. Louisville

Players: Luke HancockWayne Blackshear, Chane Behanan, Montrezl Harrell,Stephan Van TreeseMangok Mathiang

Comment: Obviously, this ranking hinges on whether Behanan is available for the majority of the season. If he comes back in December, it will be entirely justified. If not, well, the Cardinals could struggle down low. Harrell is ready for a big season, while Hancock and Blackshear form a terrific wing duo.

I_medium A new study says that football teams would almost always be better served going for it on 4th down than punting the ball away. While interesting, my major problem with the study is that the existing data on 4th down success rates fails to take into account that the teams most likely to go for it on 4th down (and succeed) are typically the ones with the most talented offenses. If all teams start going for it on 4th down then it's extremely likely that the success rate is going to decrease dramatically.

I_medium Your 2013-14 Louisville women's basketball team:


Also available in dance form.

I_medium Speaking of the ladies, tip-off for their Tuesday exhibition game against Pikeville has been changed to 11 a.m.

I_medium Wager accordingly (depending on what time you're seeing this).

I_medium In related news, this may be the most conflicted I've ever been in a potential gambling situation.

Is there a way to make a wager where I only get paid if the horse comes in first or dead last?

I_medium According to Adam Zagoria, the Louisville basketball staff told class of 2015 recruit Carlton Bragg that he was a "must-have." The staff extended a scholarship offer to the five-star power forward earlier this week.

I_medium Waka Flocka Flame loves Louisville volleyball.


And Russ Smith.

I_medium Vance Bedford says the Louisville defense has turned a corner.

I_medium Had I wound up being a practicing attorney, I like to think I could have pulled off something as wonderful as this.

I_medium Apparently there is now a virtual golf system on U of L's campus. I'm proud that it didn't take long for this to happen during a round at St. Andrew's.


I_medium If you're interested in being an extra in a movie, show up to Slugger Field on Saturday.

I_medium The U of L men's soccer team won a wild one with St. Louis, 3-2 in overtime Thursday night.

I_medium ESPN puts to bed any crazy talk in the Commonwealth.

Not to deflate fan bases everywhere, but it's nearly impossible to end the season with zero losses. This shouldn't be news to most. However, every year it's a fun topic of discussion, probably because the accomplishment is just close enough to being possible to stoke one's imagination. This season is a little different in that there is some talk of the feat before the season even begins. So let's put this to rest right now: Louisville is not going undefeated this season.

OK, neither is Kentucky. At this point I'd like to advise John Calipari to water down the nonconference schedule if 40-0 is truly on his coaching bucket list. Playing at North Carolina along with several other competitive neutral-site games is no way to make this happen. (And, to their credit, many teams schedule with the assumption of some early struggles against top competition.)

I don't think anyone in red and black ever claimed we were, let alone made a website about it.

I_medium The Business Journal says Louisville's efforts to land multiple NCAA championships could be paying off.

I_medium And finally, Kevin Ware and Chane Behanan with Lord Kayoss (Freddy) himself last night.


Although the picture seems to indicate otherwise, Kayoss says Chane was in extremely good spirits. Also, he has no idea who the kid in the Michael Myers mask was.