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Phish Wrote A Song About The Darius Washington Game

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The details are still a little sketchy at the moment, but here's what we know: Last night at their Halloween concert, the band Phish debuted a new song about Darius Washington's missed free-throws against Louisville in the 2005 Conference USA Tournament championship game (AKA, the greatest no seconds in sports).

If you aren't familiar with the game or the event in question, I believe there's a video on YouTube.

The name of the song is apparently "The Line," but I haven't seen any video evidence of it or any of the lyrics posted. One can only hope that they include something about Ellis Myles jumping on the scorer's table or David Padgett and Brian Johnson celebrating wildly in street clothes. A Brad Gianiny reference at some point is also a necessity.

This is the best and most elaborate Brick Roll ever.

UPDATE: You can hear the song might not be Phish's best work.