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Louisville's Week 7 Bowl Projections

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Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN (Schlabach): Sugar Bowl vs. Texas A&M

ESPN (Edwards): Fiesta Bowl vs. Baylor

SB Nation: Fiesta Bowl vs. Baylor

CBS: Sugar Bowl vs. South Carolina

With Alabama in the BCS Championship Game, the Sugar Bowl takes South Carolina as the replacement selection. With the second at-large pick, it takes American Athletic Conference champion Louisville.

USA Today: Orange Bowl vs. Florida State

College Football News: Orange Bowl vs. Florida State Fiesta Bowl vs. Oklahoma

Note: The Big 12 champ is contractually obligated to the Fiesta if it is not in the national title game. This season, the Fiesta gets the last pick among the at-large teams; hence, the AAC champ (Louisville) being picked to go here. Louisville went to the Sugar Bowl last season. Oklahoma is our pick, for the second week in a row, to win the Big 12, which might be the most wide open of any league race.

The Sporting News: Orange Bowl vs. Florida State

Orlando Sentinel:Orange Bowl vs. Clemson