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DeVante Parker Says He's 'Ready'

Andy Lyons

We haven't heard an update on DeVante Parker since Monday, when Charlie Strong told reporters that the injured wide receiver would be evaluated throughout the week before a decision on his status was made Thursday morning.

Apparently Parker didn't want to wait that long.

Now of course this could just be Parker saying he's generally ready for the game, but that doesn't seem likely. It could also be that Parker thinks he's ready, but the training staff will disagree in 24 hours. Even if that's the case, it's comforting for the rest of the season to know that Vante feels healthy enough to play right now.

Parker leads Louisville in receptions (21), receiving yards (375) and touchdowns (6). The shoulder injury he suffered in the first half of the Temple game kept him from potentially extending his streak of consecutive games with a touchdown to 11.