CCBMMarch to the March: David Padgett (#4)

Does this mean David Padgett is going to be there? Well, you never know. If you see a ripped 6'11" dude walking around in a knee brace and a CCBM, I'm not going to completely rule out that said dude is the assist machine himself. What else will not be ruled out? The fact that this is the most important CCBMM to date. We need you.

It has been a long two weeks without a CCBMM. We are now rested up, polished and studied, and ready to perform. With kickoff coming at 7:30 on the Mothership, that puts Card March around 5:15. Which means we will need you at the Stadium side of the old Card March Tunnel at or before 5 o'clock. With a forecast of 77 and sunny, we will have perfect weather for this big CCBMM. We will do the same thing we have done the last couple CCBMM's which is walk straight down the red carpet, down the back side of the crowd, and then through the Card March. However, the atmosphere is certain to be much more electric. Here is a short recap of last time.


We walked through the Card March yelling, chanting, and doing CARDS Cheers, the crowd really got into it. Those two lady birds weren't super awake yet, but that's what 9:30am does to you.


In the Bird-Cage, the area right next to the stadium entrance reserved specifically for the CCBMMarchers, these birds rubbed elbows with another bird.


A few media outlets had us pose for pictures, and this one is my favorite.


And here, another photo opportunity. This is your opportunity to be a part of something bigger than us. A chance to start something big and to be able to say, "I was there at the beginning." And a chance to increase Cardinal Pride each game.

Why is it so important that we make this bigger and better than ever? This is the biggest game of the season to this point. We are facing a team that we all hate for one reason or another. Ito? Chopping Wood? F.A.M.I.L.Y? Schiano? Pissed-That-Away? Sanu and Conner? We have our reasons. We need to all come together and make this the most uplifting environment possible for our football team. If we can do that, replicate the hotel lobby in New Orleans, they can come out as fired up and focused as they were for the Sugar Bowl.

But they can't do it without you, you in a CCBM. That is our task. Let's keep the hope alive for the UofL Football Team. We need to do everything we can to make this game, and every game to follow it, the most important game and CCBMM of the season. They are undefeated, with a Heisman Trophy Candidate and the best coach in the land. This you our chance to show them all that we are behind them by marching in front of them. Let's make this the biggest CCBMM to date! Hope to see you there. Go CARDS!!!