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Four U of L Hoops Games To Be Televised By CBS

USA Today Sports

CBS Sports and the CBS Sports Network have released their schedule for the 2013-14 college hoops season, and it's one that features Louisville prominently.

The Cards will play a total of nine games on the pair of networks, including four on CBS.

U of L's lineup on the big network consists of:

Louisville at Kentucky - Saturday, Dec. 28 (4:00)

Louisville at Cincinnati - Saturday, Feb. 22 (Noon)

Louisville at Memphis - Saturday, March 1 (2:00)

Connecticut at Louisville - Saturday, March 8 (2:00)

It's nice to see the tradition of Louisville playing its March regular season Saturday games on CBS live on even after life in the Big East has ended. It always feels like we're getting ready for the NCAA Tournament in terms of both on the court intensity and viewing experience.

The Cards will also play five games on CBS Sports Network, the most notable being the night Chicken finally comes to The Bucket when U of L hosts Houston on Thursday, Jan. 16. Save the date.