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Is The Glass Half Full?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

By Andrew Phelps

Another easy victory against a terrible football team, another drop in the polls, and a lingering fear of finishing the season 12-1 and having absolutely nothing to show for it. The temptation to become a UK fan and recite their favorite motto, "wait till basketball season," has never beckoned stronger to Louisville fans.

It is time to draw a line in the sand, Louisville. We all have a choice to make. Either you stand on the Cardinal side, make the most of this 2013 season, enjoy the growing-but-soon-ending legend of Teddy Bridgewater, show up to the final two home games and cheer your tailfeathers off against Central Florida, or you can trade in your red and black, move to Lexington and make basketball season your only escape from reality.

The plea for a positive and supportive fan base is not a free pass for our coaches and players to escape criticism and honest evaluation. This was a championship caliber team, with championship caliber talent, but special teams and offensive play calling has barely equaled mediocrity. We knew in January anything less than an undefeated 2013 season would be a disappointment, and the stunning and embarrassing Central Florida loss feels worse with each passing weekend because it completely deflated a promising bridge year.

As a loyal and disheartened fan base we must do as all have done before us. Keep the faith and look forward to the golden years ahead. Central Florida is more than capable of losing; they are a solid team, but Alabama they are not. Go to church, donate clothes and canned goods, obey the law and basically earn whatever karma you can between now and the first week in December. The football Gods have smiled on us before, who says it can't happen again?

It is now time for the 100% accurate and reliable Andrew Phelps opinion and recommendation. Louisville football has never played such a horrid schedule against flat out bad football teams. Louisville football has no killer instinct and no desire to light up the scoreboard. Our current attitude, play design, predictability and overall lack of urgency on offense will survive the American Apathetic Conference, but it will land us squarely in the middle of the pack in the ACC, a high powered, fast moving, offense-first and emerging powerhouse football conference. It is simple, make changes and get meaner, or make preparations for December bowl games.

I am a die hard, emotional and objective fan of the University of Louisville. College athletics are the best this country has to offer in terms of entertainment and sport, and the pure emotion and ups and downs of college football are unrivaled. The Cardinals' season came to a sudden, heart breaking and nausea inducing end with the loss against Central Florida. All feels lost, but believe me it is not. Anything can happen over the next six weeks and we must pray it does. UofL must improve, Shawn Watson needs to earn his salary, but the fan support should continue to be phenomenal. The coaches and players will not fold this season up and pack it in, the fans certainly shouldn't either. The choice is yours Cardinal fans, your glass is either half empty, or half full, and for those half full fools out there, save a drink for me.

All Hail UofL!!