Pitino on Player Suspensions

In light of recent news surrounding the University of Louisville basketball program, I felt I should share this tidbit with my fellow Cloids (yeah, yeah, I know).

Pitino had occasion to speak in front of a group of law enforcement officers not too long ago and something he said in that speech stands out to me now. Said Pitino;

"I'll tell you guys this, when you hear a player is suspended, it's always for marijuana."

I have absolutely no inside knowledge of what happened with Chane and I will not elaborate any further on the speech or how I came to learn of it. I leave it to the reader to draw his or her on conclusions on the validity of this post. As a diehard Louisville fan, I hope that whatever the issue, Chane and the university and Coach Pitino can come to an understanding and Chane will be back with the team very soon.