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Louisville Suspends Chane Behanan Indefinitely


Rick Pitino announced Thursday afternoon that Chane Behanan has been suspended indefinitely, and will likely not rejoin the team.

Pitino called Behanan's transgression(s) a "violation of team rules" and said that the junior forward is no longer living in the team's dormitory. When asked if it was possible that Behanan could rejoin the team, Pitino said it was, but added that it "isn't probable."

"He has a very difficult time understanding life's values," Pitino said. "We're more concerned right now about Chane the person than the player. We want to see him prosper as a person. Chane wouldn't hurt a fly. He's a good person. But it's very difficult for him to follow rules."

The news will force Wayne Blackshear to move down and play the four, at least until Akoy Agau proves himself capable of playing big minutes at the position. I'd also expect to see a significant amount of Trez and SVT on the court at the same time.

U of L is deep enough to deal with this blow, but....dammit, Chane.