Advice for a Tailgating Noob

Hey everyone, the family and I are heading up from TN for the game Friday night and hope to arrive in the area around 3:00 pm. I've been gone from Louisville for a lot of years, the current stadium wasn't even there when I was in school, so I'm a little rusty (ok, a lot rusty) on the layout, streets and area around Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium.

I don't have passes to any of the prepaid lots, so I'm looking for suggestions about where to park to get in a couple of hours of tailgating prior to heading over to the Card March and possibly the CCBMM. I've seen it written in the past about parking in the lot at the Speed School, but I wonder is that possible with this being a weekday game?

Any tips, suggestions, etc. to make the most of this experience would be greatly appreciated. Go Cards! Beat Purdue!