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Friday Night's Game Against Central Florida Is A 'Red Out'

That means wear red.

U of L has announced that Friday's game against Central Florida has been deemed a "Red Out," meaning fans attending the game are encouraged to wear red. The team will also be sporting red tops and red bottoms.

While Cardinal fans seem to clamor for a "Black Out" every time there's a night game, those really haven't been all that successful since the incredible '06 event against West Virginia. And I don't think I have to remind you about the last-second disaster that was the Cincinnati "White Out" in the rain last season.

That all leads me to say that I like this move. Red is our primary color and we've never done this for a football game. It's an honor and a special event that this team deserves. Plus, if someone forgets (and people are going to forget....looking at you, covered side), there's a far better chance that they're going to be wearing red than black or white.

If you're still not sold, Lorenzo Mauldin would like a word.


I just got really excited. Let's all go tailgate.