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Kevin Ware Will Dress For Louisville's Nov. 9 Opener

Kevin C. Cox

For the first time since suffering a gruesome leg injury against Duke in the Elite 8, Kevin Ware will be in full uniform when Louisville opens its 2013-14 season on Nov. 9 against College of Charleston.

Whether or not Ware plays in the game is still up in the air.

"He'll suit up for the first game," Pitino said. "Whether he gets in or not, we'll see."

Ware, who suffered an open fracture to his right leg during Louisville's Elite Eight game against Duke in March, was cleared to play last week and is working toward getting into game shape. Pitino expects that to happen in the next two weeks and anticipates Ware joining the team for full practice Nov. 1.

Ware, who has been concentrating on individual instruction and shooting, has been slowed this past week by a case of pinkeye, forcing him out of practice.

"He's taking it slow," Pitino said. "People want to see him on the court healthy. We want to see him flourishing."

If having his leg snapped in two couldn't keep him off the court, then I'm not all that worried about pinkeye.