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Poll: Predict Louisville's 2013 Pre-Season Rank

Never Too Early to Dream.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Mile is oh so long.

After the National Championship charade tonight, tomorrow will be the first day of the college football off-season, which does not end until late August. That's right - nearly 8 months without a real college football game. Sure, National Creepy Day, spring practice, a basketball tournament, Derby, summer workouts, conference realignment litigation, fall camp....those things help bide the time. But the way this season ended and the way next season may go, all each of those things will do is make the hunger for NEW LOUISVILLE COLLEGE FOOTBALL INFORMATION unbearable. We are going to wear out the 12 or so Sugar Bowl and 2012 season highlight videos. Wear them out.

One of the biggest off-season things will be way too early pre-season polls. I had a debate with Quinn1979 after the game about where we would be, and I'm anxious to put it to the Chron community.

Note, this poll does not seek where we SHOULD be but rather where you think we will be ranked in pre-season polls heading into 2013.

Vote early vote often.