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Rick Pitino Gives Update On Wayne Blackshear, Kevin Ware

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Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

On his weekly radio show, Rick Pitino gave updates on the sophomore duo of Wayne Blackshear and Kevin ware, both of whom missed Monday night's win over Pittsburgh.

Pitino said that Blackshear shot at practice for the first time on Thursday, and that he will likely play against Marquette on Sunday. The starting forward sprained his shoulder over the weekend, forcing him to sit out Monday's game.

The more surprising news surrounded Ware, the reserve guard whose indefinite suspension was announced on Monday. Pitino said that Ware returned to practice for the first time on Thursday, but that he wasn't sure whether or not he would suit up on Sunday. Ware was not on the bench during Monday's game, and Pitino said on his postgame radio show that Georgia native "isn't coming back anytime soon."

As for the reason behind the suspension, Pitino made it a special point to note that Ware was not being punished for anything serious like drugs or alcohol. Apparently Ware simply needed to step up and "make some changes as a man."

Here's hoping those changes are in the process of being made, and that Kevin can be a valuable member of this team.