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Kentucky Fan Provides The World With Perhaps The GIF Of The Year

I don't ordinarily like to dedicate an entire space to a single Kentucky fan doing something stupid (although it would be profitable - nine UK fan posts per day = like 8 billion page views), but regardless of UK being involved, this is one of the best GIFs I've ever seen.

Tayshaun Prince was traded from Detroit to Memphis on Wednesday in a deal best known for involving Rudy Gay. The news was common knowledge to most sports fans by the early evening, but apparently did not make its way to the brain of this fan, who reveals himself to be devout member of Big Blue Nation at the end of the GIF.


When it comes to picking a favorite part, I'm torn between the puzzled look after the entire team has come out of the tunnel and the quick look around before he takes off his jersey. The confusion, the hurt, the embarrassment, the Kentucky; it all adds up to one of the best sequences ever.