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Wayne Blackshear Re-Injures Shoulder, Kevin Ware Suspended


Do you remember 2012? Do you remember dancing, smiling, winning? I fear my mind is letting go of these memories, and my heart is following suit.

U of L has announced that Wayne Blackshear will not play in tonight's game against Pittsburgh after suffering a shoulder sprain. I think it goes without mention that any shoulder injury Wayne suffers is more than a little bit concerning.

On top of that, Kevin Ware has been suspended for tonight's game. I have no knowledge of what Ware did or how long he'll be sidelined, but let's just say that this morning I was given a description of Pitino's rage regarding this situation, and there is no portion of that description that I could include in this post without receiving an X-rating.

Louisville has lost three straight games and will be looking to avoid its first four-game slide since 2004 tonight against Pittsburgh.

Mama said there'd be half-months like this.