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CC Sugar Bowl Poster Contest, Part Deux

Since Georgetown decided to ruin both the weekend and the original poster contest, we're going to try this again.

Here's a reminder of what you're playing for.




Those last two posters are actually a collage of hundreds of fan photos taken during Sugar Bowl weekend (really cool). The first two posters are available for purchase here, but the Teddy one won't go on sale until Wednesday. I also have a white "Sugar Never Tasted So Sweet" poster that you can't find anywhere else.

We're still going with hitting the final score on the button as the way to win all four posters, but with one caveat this go-round: you no longer have to pick a winner and a loser. So if you say 72-68 and Pitt wins (God forbid), you're still the champion. If more than one person picks the score correctly, then the posters go to the first person who picked it.

To enter, simply submit your guess in the comment section below. Best of luck to everyone.