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Louisville Looks Lost In 53-51 Setback At Georgetown


This has already gotten beyond old.

We can get into the specifics of the game later on, but the biggest concern I have right now is that this team looked defeated today. I'm not talking about after the final horn, I'm talking about the entire game.

The bounce, the effort, the sense of determination, the fun; all of the things that were present for the first two months of the season weren't there today. At some point over the past two weeks, this team lost itself. I don't know what happened or what needs to be done to fix it, but the pair of performances Louisville gave this week are concerning.

No one is beyond partial blame for this one. Peyton was really bad once again, Russ didn't look anything like Russ, Wayne was 1-for-9 from the field, Gorgui was non-existant for stretches in the first half, Chane continued to miss free-throws and REFUSE TO STOP WITH THE UNNECESSARY DRIBBLE. And then there's the final possession, where running the clock down to take a shot you could have gotten 20 seconds earlier made absolutely no sense.

These are all mistakes that can be fixed, but again, the apparent attitude issues are primary concern No. 1 right now. This team needs a Simba/Mufassa "remember who you are" moment, because right now they look totally lost.