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Card Chronicle Sugar Bowl Poster Contest

A big thanks to the always fine folks at U of L for hooking me up with some of these, so that I could share them with you.




Those last two posters are actually a collage of hundreds of fan photos taken during Sugar Bowl weekend (really cool). The first two posters are available for purchase here, but the Teddy one won't go on sale until Wednesday. I also have a white "Sugar Never Tasted So Sweet" poster that you can't find anywhere else.

So what does this mean fo you? I'll be giving all four away to the first person who correctly predicts the score of tomorrow's Louisville/Georgetown game. You have to hit it on the button to win, including getting the winner and the loser correct. If multiple people guess the score correctly, the posters go to the person who got their pick in first. If no one picks the score right, then the contest will carry over into the next U of L game.

To enter, simply submit your guess in the comment section below. Best of luck to everyone.