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Georgetown Preview: Your Name Is Your Name. Chron And Be Counted.

Plenty has been written, Georgetown games never go how you expect. So BEFORE this game, make your prediction about how the season will end up. Regardless of the outcome.


The Georgetown game has basically been previewed this week here, here and here. Suffice to say, after losing two straight and the way this week has gone, there's probably no one I want to see less on the schedule than Georgetown. Especially after they just won at Notre Dame? Whatever. The only variable is, which Georgetown player will shoot a season-high from 3?

Seriously, though, I think the key for this game is to avoid letting Georgetown get off to a hot start. If we can have our inevitable 10-0 run be to take a lead, and not to just tie it up, then we should be good.

So here's your chance to make some predictions, and in March (or April) we can all come back and look at this post as a snapshot in time for our fanbase's collective delusions or prescience, short-sightedness or foresight. You get the idea. And instead of doing this AFTER the emotion of a tough loss or big win, try to be as rational as possible when predicting.

I Predict The Georgetown Outcome Will Be: Louisville loss.

I Predict The Reason For The Loss/Win Will Be: Georgetown's shooting percentage will exceed their season average by 8%.

I Predict The Season Outcome, Assuming a Loss Against Georgetown, Will Be: Final Four, still. This game matters not.

I Predict the Season Outcome, Assuming a Win Against Georgetown, Will Be: Champs, baby. Springboard win.

What say you?