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Louisville/Georgetown Memories - The Original White Suit Game

When the modern Louisville fan thinks about the Cards' history with Georgetown, there's typically one game that comes to mind. As fierce as some of the meetings between the two teams have been, for Card Nation, nothing tops the memory of the original Rick Pitino white suit game from 2008.

People forget the borderline tumultuous state the program was in at that time. Despite being ranked in the top five to begin the season, Louisville had just followed up its 2005 Final Four appearance with a trip to the NIT in 2006 and then a second round exit in 2007. These performances had been sort of excused by Cardinal fans, mostly because they were expecting a monster 2007-08. For the first three months of the season, however, it hadn't come close to happening. People were upset.

U of L had started to snap out of the funk a little bit by the time the Georgetown game rolled around on Feb. 9, but the Cards still found themselves unranked and in desperate need of a signature win. The Hoyas, meanwhile, were 19-2 and ranked No. 6 in the country.

College Gameday was in town (it's still possible to host here, you guys), a "White Out" was planned (they were still new then), and the city was buzzing.

Then Rick Pitino came out of the locker room wearing this.

You know the rest. David Padgett wound up getting the better of Roy Hibbert, Pitino changed clothes at halftime, the Cards gave a monster second half performance, and my friend's girlfriend broke her almost unbelievable 0-8 mark while attending Louisville games. They're married today only because this when happened.

Without question, this was one of the top five environments I've ever experienced for a U of L game in any sport.

Still get goosebumps.