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Louisville Football Honored by Georgia Senate for beating Florida

The Florida-Georgia rivalry knows no bounds. The latest salvo in the never ending battle between fans of the two schools came on the floor of the Georgia Senate.

Matthew Stockman

We in Louisville can appreciate a heated rivalry that knows few boundaries. Just about anywhere you go, you're going to encounter a Kentucky fan and more times than not, there will be trash talk. That being the case, we should all understand how Louisville came to be honored in the state legislature today for its win in the Sugar Bowl. Surely some state senators from around Jefferson County wanted to honor the Cardinals in the presence of representatives who graduated from the University of Kentucky from around the state. What good is a win if you can't make your rival stew in it a little? Only, that's not what happened.

Louisville was honored on the floor of the state Senate, today. But, not the one in Frankfort. Instead, a resolution in the Georgia state Senate today honored the Louisville Cardinals for their thumping of the Florida Gators in the Sugar Bowl. Resolution 25 reads:

A RESOLUTION congratulating the University of Louisville Cardinals football team for their 2013 Sugar Bowl win against the University of Florida; and for other purposes.

Why did they do this? The main reason, according to Albers, is that he is currently a University of Louisville student. He was previously a student and is enrolled in online courses to finish a degree from the school. How did he convince his fellow state senators to pass the resolution? I'm sure he didn't have to twist many arms to get Georgia politicians to pass a resolution praising anyone for clobbering Florida.