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Louisville Gives Lackluster Performance In 73-64 Loss To Villanova


Have you ever been really close to a friend, family member or significant other and then found out something about them that made it impossible to ever look at them the same way? That's kind of how the past four days feel.

It's not time to talk about this season being a failure or to discuss possible replacements for Rick Pitino (although both of those things will occur in lesser degrees), but it is time to admit that this isn't the team we thought it was.

A week ago I never thought we would have lost back-to-back games by way of inexcusable mistakes in the final minute and an inability to match the intensity level of an inferior opponent.

Missed lay-ups, defensive collapses, an inability to capitalize off of turnovers, missed free-throws, missed free-throws, missed free-throws; these are all the things we thought weren't major concerns just a week ago.

Maybe this serves as the proverbial January "wake-up call" for this team, but with the amount of experience U of L puts on the floor every time out, they shouldn't need something like this to spark a necessary change.

It's time for this team to figure out how good it wants to be.