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Report: Clint Hurtt Facing NCAA Charges

Louisville fans knew this day was coming.

According to a report by, U of L defensive line coach Clin Hurtt will be notified of "hefty allegations" being levied against him once the NCAA releases its Notice of Allegations stemming from the investigation into the University of Miami athletic program.

"They are pretty much throwing everything at him," the source said of Hurtt. "They have him on essentially everything that was brought to the attention of the NCAA, some of which has been publicly known because of (Shapiro) but there are some other things that did not involve Shapiro that they're charging him with."

The source added that after the NCAA began investigating Shapiro's claims, student-athletes detailed other violations allegedly committed by Hurtt and Aubrey Hill, another former UM assistant who had resigned from Florida weeks before the start of the 2012 season. The coaches are expected to be cited for "unethical conduct," better known in NCAA circles as a violation of Bylaw 10.1, said the source. Among the charges the NCAA will allege against the former UM football assistants are impermissible transportation, impermissible lodging as well as impermissible benefits, the source said.

It's important to remember that each and every allegation being thrown at Hurtt occurred during his time at Miami. Basically, the worst case scenario for Louisville (and probably the most likely scenario, it would seem) is that it will soon be in the market for a new defensive line coach.