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Manti Te'o's Fake Girlfriend Wanted Peyton Siva's Attention

Andy Lyons

By now, you've all heard enough of the Manti Te'o saga for me to not have to go into any additional detail to set this up.

Anyway, Deadspin's latest foray into the saga is an exhaustive look into the Lennay Kekua Twitter account, which turned up an interesting tweet on the day after Louisville beat New Mexico to advance to the Sweet 16 last March:

Now Te'o is her "babe":

5:15 AM
Up bright & early with my babe getting ready for Church. I really cherish moments like this! Thanks @MTeo_5 for waking up :) Love you baby!

10:05 AM
@PeypeySiva3 When you comin to Ca bruh? I saw your pops end of last year.

Peyton Siva is the point guard for Louisville. (He's Samoan.) Louisville was in the midst of a successful NCAA tournament run when Lennay wrote him. He didn't respond.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Twitter ban is a good thing.