Ode to the Creator

There once was a kid from da ville

Who of his Cardinals could not get his fill

he gave law school a shot

but a lawyer he's not

Now jurisprudence's loss

makes the Card Chronicle boss!

I love this site and I love my Cardinals. In this time of a number-one ranked basketball team, an amazing Sugar Bowl win over the vaunted SEC, a show of loyalty from one of the finest men to ever coach the game, from teams resplendent with young men we can respect and admire for something more than just their athletic prowess, to the seemingly endless stream of good news on the recruiting trail and to the world-class choir that whooped the asses of the Guangdong Experimental Middle School sissies, I thought a few words honoring the man who brings us all the news we crave day in an day out was in order. Thank you Mike. Jurisprudence's loss truly is our gain.