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Bloggin' Rick Pitino Talks Player Improvement, Daily Preparation And Shouts Out Card Chronicle

Rick Pitino returned to the keyboard this morning to tackle a number of topics, including the best speakers at the respective national conventions, which players on his team are improving the most, and how folks should treat each day as if it's their last.

It's been an intriguing read already when we arrive at the "Closing Thoughts" section.

Closing Thoughts

Our three early intrasquad scrimmages will be real important. Information on those dates and tickets will come next week.

Recruiting starts on Sunday. I'm traveling to a lot of place I have not been.

Word to Card Chronicle blogger - Stop by and say hello. I have been here a long time and haven't had the privilege of meeting you. Everyone tells me "they heard it on Card Chronicle." So I need to say hello.

Kind of feel like pulling a George Costanza and hanging it up on this high note.

But seriously, is that a casual pop-in invite? Because I will spend the better part of my calendar year casually popping in if it's kosher.

Also, I'm interested in/slightly nervous about the things that people are telling coach they "heard on Card Chronicle." I just pray that one of them is "don't jump in the baby pool," because everyone needs to hear that. No one is immune.

But me being best friends with Rick Pitino isn't the only major takeaway from this post. Coach P also notes individual players who are improving and gives a quick update on the health of Luke Hancock and Mike Marra.

Players Improving

*Angel Nunez - Has skills that can really help us. He just has to let the game come to him.

*Chane Behanan - Has improved his defensive skills. Really needed!

*Wayne Blackshear - Never been in great condition. Terrific understanding of how to use his body around the rim. Once his conditioning gets to the Louisville level, watch out!

*Gorgui Dieng - Stronger and smarter.

*Montrezl & Mangok - Want to see them away from individuals to see where they stand.

*Luke Hancock and Mike Marra are back to work. Contact on October 1st.

I'm best friends with Rick Pitino.