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Cards Win. Enough Said.

Louisville won one of the least enjoyable games to watch in modern college football history. That's not much of an exaggeration.

Chuck Cook -US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

George Durant stayed home. The defense played with intensity for the first time in seemingly weeks. Senorice Perry is just flat out awesome. And we got a win.

Other than that, just about as bad of a UofL football watching experience as I can remember. The announcers were crap, there were 100 more commercials than normal, the camera work was terrible, the rain, my god the rain, and the defense seemed to give up chunks of yards easily to a crap, crap Southern Miss team.

But a win is a win. The conditions were the great equalizer and completely negated our speed, QB and WR advantage, turning the game into a run, run, run, short pass, run, run, run game that honestly we were not prepared for.

We play Pitt in 2 weeks. Still don't feel like we have played a complete game, but let's hope that the weather conditions are somewhat normal and whatever the coaches and players need to do to come out with the fire they did for the second half tonight they come out with then.

5-0. Survived. Advanced.