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Bloggin' Rick Pitino Back With More Blog. Awesome Update As Always

Rick Pitino gives a quick update by answering 5 most common questions. Using a gimmick like that to spruce up an otherwise regular post means he is officially a blogger. Congrats!

Tyler Kaufman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Bloggin' Rick Pitino is back with a new post answering what he says are the 5 most common questions he gets. I'm disappointed he didn't use the #marrapass hashtag but he basically talked about Marra passes. Which is awesome.

Read the whole thing, obv, but here are my two favorite parts:

Great work ethic! Russ will at times fake an injury when he is tired. I would go over to him and whisper "I’ve seen that trick before." His response is always "Come on coach, that's between you and me."

And of course:

Can we go to a Final Four this year?

Yes, the same as 150 other schools. Enjoy the journey, that’s what makes it fun.

That's great advice and something we've tried to live by the last few years.

Enjoy the journey, folks.