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Kentucky Fan Takes Louisville Rivalry To Creepiest Place Yet

Selling a mummified wildcat dunking a mummified bird into a mini hoop? It sounded like nothing more than a solid business venture for one member of Big Blue Nation.

Some of you probably remember a few years back when a Kentucky fan put a stuffed Wildcat dunking a mini-UK basketball on CraigsList to sell for $1,000.

If that made you a feel a little uneasy, then you should probably stop reading now.

As recently as two days ago a man had listed the following item on ebay under the title "mummified cat slam dunking a mummified bird."


Because you're all disgusting and dying for a closer look, here you go.


That is indeed a mummified wildcat dunking a mummified bird of some sort. Yeah, it was too disgusting for me to use as the picture that would accompany this story on the front page.

Speculation has already run rampant as to who the seller of the item it, but via some extreme detective work I've already narrowed the suspect list down to two people: creepy Kentucky clown fan and Joker Phillips.