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Charlie Strong Talks FIU Win, Need For Improvement

Jamie Rhodes-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Highlights include:

--The team never lost confidence, even when it fell behind 14-7.

--You expect Teddy Bridgewater to play great and this was not one of his best games.

--Our guys want to get better and they want to improve each week, and that makes it very easy for us coaches.

--We did not practice well at all last week so I didn't think we were going to play well. Thought we played well the first three weeks of the season, but not against FIU. We're still a young football team.

--The games that we were losing by seven last season, we're winning by seven this season. This is a totally different football team than the ones we've seen the past two seasons.

--Andrell Smith is a senior and he's playing the best football of his career. That's what you want to see in a senior and I'm so happy for him.

--Not sure we would have won that game if we'd beaten North Carolina by 30.

--We have not played our best football over the last six quarters.

--Dominique Brown will be re-evaluated this week. He's still traveling with the team and he might be needed if one of the two starters get hurt, so we can't commit to redshirting him.

--I don't know if this can be a great team, but I'd like to see us get better every week.

--I only know one way to motivate guys, I have to yell.

--If this were a junior/senior team than he'd be really concerned. There's just not enough senior leadership on this team.

--You have to practice to get better, you can't just be out there going through the motions and that's what we did last week. What you see in practice is what you see in games, and last week we saw drops and high throws and missed blocks in practice.

--Being 4-0, we've never been in this position before. It's all about avoiding complacency now. You can't listen to what people are saying, because too often the guys hear that and they believe it. All I have to do is a show them a couple of plays from the game film to show them they aren't that good.