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Louisville 32, Kentucky 14: "I think they had their eyes closed"

We're Miles Ahead.
We're Miles Ahead.

The only accurate quote from ESPN's predictably meh broadcast crew in reference to UK's defense after Senorise Perry's 47 yard touchdown run.

THE AWESOME: Teddy Bridgewater. Almost perfect.

THE GOOD: Louisville offense. First three offensive drives were so successful, the Cards' offensive line was gassed on its last drive at the end of the first half. Paving the way for two 100-yard rushers on the day earns the oft-maligned OL a well-deserved helmet sticker.

The second half Will Stein experiment proves that a) Charlie Strong hates bettors* and b) there will be a big drop-off if Bridgewater goes down. Joker Phillips and Charlie are good friends, so theorists were floating the idea that this was Strong's subtle way of not showing up his boy. More likely scenario: he had confidence in the defense with a three-possession lead and was preventing his QB1 from injury. With that kind of lead, you know Charlie's gonna run that ball anyway, son.

*Still covered the spread, y'all

THE BAD: Defensive tempo management. Yikes, UK's offense is much improved this season but the defense looked sloppy at times**. Probably won't see any video game offenses on this year's schedule, but it has to improve before the Cards play a potentially dangerous North Carolina team.

**Every third down

THE UGLY: Kick returning and fans booing Will Stein. Not much to add here.

Louisville beat Kentucky. Nobody was seriously injured in the game. Week one was about as good as we could've hoped for.