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What Is Teddy Bridgewater Keeping In His Sock?

The biggest questions in life are equal parts exciting and daunting. Why are we here? What happens after we die? Why isn't this red growth going away?

Searching for the answers to these questions is scary because of the thought that we might not like what we find, but it's a pursuit that's necessary for the proper progression of mankind.

Having said, I think it's time to explore what has become the biggest mystery in the city of Louisville: What is Cardinal quarterback Teddy Bridgewater keeping in his sock(s)?

From Missouri State:


And from North Carolina:


It could be a good luck charm, some type of bandage or the key to the galaxy. There's also a Robot Teddy conspiracy theory floating around that insists the items are some sort of batteries.

My initial and still best guess is that it's an Active Ankle-esque brace of some sorts, but this is certainly open for discussion.

Let us discuss.